Hi! I'm Noah Huber-Feely, a web developer and software programmer.


Noah's wide range of skillsets allow him to meet the needs of your business
Web Development

If you are seeking a fully customizable and responsive website or web application, you have come to right place. Noah supports many web frameworks and is happy to learn another to suite your needs. Most of his experience lies with Drupal and Wordpress, but he has used many other frameworks and each have rendered exquisite and versatile websites. Check out his web portfolio to see some of the sites he has designed. Seeking a Python web app implementing a powerful back-end engine? You got it!

Web Benefits

⦁ Fast server with solid-state drives ⦁ Flexible websites, customized to suit your needs ⦁ Rapid prototyping and development ⦁ Solutions even you can understand ⦁ Sites built on the most trusted and reliable frameworks

Personal Cloud

Take your life to the next level with your own personal cloud. This service includes a fully customizable and secure online file storage complete with an iPhone and Android app. Additionally an online music player is available so you can listen to any tunes you upload no matter where you are. To top this off, you can even include an entire mail platform that’s as easy and intuitive to use as Gmail. All with many different configurations to fit your budget and needs.

Cloud Benefits

⦁ Custom clouds for individuals or businesses ⦁ Dedicated technical support ⦁ Secure cloud backups so your data is never lost ⦁ Space that scales for you. Only pay for what you need ⦁ Gain global access and control of all your data ⦁ Backup entire devices


Why choose Noah?
Offering the latest in technological innovation

Development is about a lot more than just writing code, and Noah's extensive work in fantasy fiction and his creative mind leads him to be well suited for all areas of the development cycle. On the right you can see a general breakdown of the time he spends on the many components of web design.

Noah's extensive coding work has lead him to master nine programming languages, and he's not stopping there! Whether you need him to develop in C++, Python, PHP, Haskell, JavaScript, SASS, CSS, or HTML, he can get the job done and do it well. Check out his portfolio to see the many projects he has done, including building artificial intelligence, web crawlers, digital assistants, and many functional and robust web sites. To learn more about Noah Huber-Feely, go to his about page.

  • Coding

    I write powerful code to meet your needs.

  • Planning

    I make sure to construct a solid plan to fulfill the projects goals

  • UI Design

    A site must not only be functional, but also be easy to use and beautiful.

  • Client Communication

    I make sure to keep my clients informed and aware, and readily accept their input and critique.



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