About Noah Huber-Feely

Noah Huber-Feely is a young developer with a passion to simplify life, while making it exquisite and functional. Growing up on a farm he has learned the value of hard work, and applies the life lessons he learned there in everything he does. If you are seeking aesthetically pleasing and fully functional websites or applications, you have come to the right place.

Noah’s forays into cloud development began when he decided to create a personal network for his siblings, that included all the services they would ever need. Initially he had to deal with a misconfigured server, but then Noah Huber-Feely was able to break past the limitations and build a complete network that ran smoothly and easily with rapid speed and complete functionality.

Through homeschooling, he has been able to excel academically, and is looking forward to attending college in the near future. His firm basis in calculus and other high level mathematics allows him to construct algorithms to carry out complex data analysis.

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