The Cumberland Center for Justice and Peace is a highly esteemed organization in the local area, but unfortunately with an old and outdated site they were having trouble getting new members. Being a proud supporter of this organization, I was troubled, and offered to use my skills at a discounted rate to make their online presence thrive. Settling for 50% of my normal rate, I set out to construct a site that would cover their wide range of needs. With such a small budget, I couldn’t purchase even the most basic plugin or other code addition, making me have to rely on my own coding even more than I already was. The site now packs in a full fledged calendar, sign-up forms, member login, donations, and a robust article repository. You can find the site at

I am happy to say that they are very pleased with my service and am glad that a quick google search for peace and justice in the cumberlands turns up the site at the very top of the results page (excluding ads).

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