Sibling Cloud Network

After purchasing the domain, I began brainstorming what I could do with this amazing new resource. First off I constructed a subdomain for each of my siblings, but then I decided to do even more, and construct a cloud network for us, so we could easily store, share, and consume content made by each other and ourselves. After a little research I found a free and easily extensible platform called ownCloud. Although it works very well out of the box, I saw many additions that could be made to make the service fit our needs. Luckily adding these additions were easy, and we now have a powerful and functional cloud platform we can use to connect, communicate, and organize our lives with.

Soon, I had discovered that to keep my cloud calendar and iCalendar synced was very easy and only required a single URL. Before, I had thought that using the cloud networks calendar would require far to much work to keep in sync with my other calendars, but I was happily proven wrong.

The same simplicity applied to the contacts app built into our cloud network.

On top of this, hundreds of other services could be added for no charge, and some powerful ones for a slight price. Furthermore, I could construct custom services to suit my particular needs.

I learned a lot from this, and am nearing the title of ownCloud Ninja.

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