Teen Action Group Website

The Teen Action Group is a growing organization that gives students in middle and high school the opportunity to not only take part in many meaningful community service projects, but also to govern themselves and experience what it is like to step into leadership and responsibility. With its growth it soon required a collaboration platform to enable faster and more efficient communication and work. I offered to build that site and had a lot of fun constructing such an advanced and complicated system.

At the center of the sites design, I created an authentication system allowing for 1 million unique groups each with separate chat rooms, minutes, and voting, and 1 thousand members in each without having to change a single line of code, or modify the server. More particularly, I created a powerful chat room function enabling the users to keep in touch quickly and efficiently no matter what device they are on. For voting, TAG members can now use the secure web portal to both nominate and vote for the different positions.

Due to privacy concerns, you can’t view the site yet, but I look forward to adding a demo login so everyone can experience the power of the handcrafted platform.

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